Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mohombi - Maraca

After multiple leaks and duos with the most different international artists Mohombi presents his new official single "Maraca" produced by RedOne and co-written by Mohombi and RedOne with Geraldo Sandell (we don't know anything about Geraldo except the fact that he participated in Idol-2004) and Jimmy Thörnfeldt (Baby Alice, Cam Tyler, Kick).
"Maraca" sounds like follow-up of Mohombi's collaboration with Nayer and Pitbull "Suave (Kiss Me)", it's catchy, summerish and enegretic track with recognizable RedOne's production.
Single will be released tomorrow but we can already listen to it today.

2 коммент.:

Jessi-Ilikemymusic said...

Faaantaaasticoo/"They" have removed the clip/ you know and can change,take care!:)

Damian said...

Thanks for telling me, Jessi!
Nice to see the song is already climbing on iTunes, hope it'll be the next Mohombi's big hit in Sweden.