Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Le Kid - Oh Alright

Finally it's happened!!! Long-awaited album of Le Kid "Oh Alright" is officially released. We've been writing about almost every of its 11 tracks before so this time I'm gonna talk only about new unheard ones.
This small bunch of songs not presented before has turned to our big pleasure to anything but fillers, this album actually has no fillers at all.
"Kiss Me" (Le Kid's reject of Melodifestivalen-2010) is a bit calmer and happier sister of "Mercy Mercy" with its careless "Save Your Kisses for Me" retro-atmosphere. "Bigger Than Jesus" is to "America" what "America" was to "We Should Go Home Together" getting dreamier and diving into electropop waters. "Seventeen" is amazing example of marching "If U Seek Amy" pop striking with a beat and gripping with a lyrics.
To summarize things "Oh Alright" has become one of undoubtfully best Swedish albums of 2011, delicious mix of melodic electronic sound, jazzy vibes and pure pop with a solid production and holistic concept so we really, no, extremely recommend this album if you haven't got it yet.

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