Monday, September 19, 2011

Agnes premieres "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"

Around a month ago we told you about stunning live premiere of Agnes' comeback single "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" she presented live at Stockholm Pride.
Single will be officially released on Wednesday and it goes on the radio already today. Few hours ago Agnes visited Swedish radio P3 bringing "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" with her and it has turned not any worse than we expected due to live performance.
"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" is absolutely amazing "Dance Love Pop" disco follow-up of "Release Me" written by Agnes with Vincent Pontare, Magnus Lidehäll being produceed by Afasi & Filthy that sounds tougher and directly much more international than "Release Me" sounded for the first time we've heard it and due to Agnes Scandinavian labels already can't wait to get it so we can easily expect this track to become next big Swedish pop-breakthrough this year.
Video is on the way and new album is planned to be out in the beginning of 2012, among songwriters Agnes was noticed in the studio with are Trinity, Mando Diao and The Salazar Brothers.

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