Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lune - Let Go

Well-known to our readers Swedish club-wonder Adrian Lux starts new project Lune he has built with Carl-Michael Herlöfsson (half of producing duo Bomkrash Productions who worked with artists like A-Ha, Eric Gadd, Rammstein, Roxette, Leila K, Papa D and others in the past) and Linnéa Martinsson - voice of Lune and main creative force of the project.
Collaboration of Linnea and Adrian has started on Adrian's hit single "Teenage Crime" where you could hear Linnea's voice. Lune's music gets heavy influence of Mr. Lux's music, it's pretty dark atmospheric mix of electro and indie-pop you should probably blame on Linnea's mystic and melancholic vocal manner, both of these components are very well presented in band's first single "Let Go" that is already out on iTunes.
Single's b-side "Private Admission" is on the other hand brings up image of Björk going pop-rock with slightly Linnea Henriksson's vocal style and bunch of Lykke Li's deppression.
You can check both of these songs and another instrumental work "W + vänner" on band's soundcloud page and below.

Let Go by luneworld

Private Admission by luneworld

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