Thursday, September 29, 2011

Night of mixes from September, Gravitonas and Man Meadow

Weekend comes early on Swedish Stereo, we had no mix nights for ages so here we get a bunch of interesting remixes for some actual releases to talk about.
Adam Rickfors who never dissapoints us with his works has made much more dreamy mix than he use to deliver of the latest Gravitonas' single "Lucky Star" moving a bit in Avicii trend of soft not aggresive radio-friendly sound.
Soundfactory has become part of the team responsible for Man Meadow's comeback with single "Eaten Alive" arriving with a solid schlageristic dose on his new mix.
And finally we get a nice edit of recently unleashed September's "Me & My Microphone" video with probably the best remix of this song from Casado & Daif - explosive and clubby.

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