Sunday, September 4, 2011

Andreas Moe - Fade Into Darkness

Andreas Moe responsible for a vocal part of the latest Avicii's hit "Fade Into Darkness" has presented his own acoustic version of the song.
If you don't know about dramatical story around this song I'll tell in short.
Earlier this year Avicii's label Ministry of Sound was sending instrumental version of the track to different vocalists to be finished and have got back among other "Fade Into Darkness" that was chosen by Avicii as his next single and track "Collide" that at the same time was chosen by Leona Lewis's team as her comeback single and that wasn't accepted by Avicii's team having already their own plans for release. Later issue has been resolved without court and Leona's single is going to be released as duo with Avicii. You can check more detailed story here.
Today we've got a tip from Being Blogged to this pleasant version of Andreas who sounds a lot like The Pusher's Jakke Erixson with his very special vocal manner and if you want to get more of Andreas' music - you should check his own stuff here.

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