Monday, September 26, 2011

Måns at a crossroads

Måns Zelmerlöw who was keeping Swedish pop fans like forever since the last pop-album he made in 2009 right after his Melodifestivalen participance (we don't mention his Christmas album as it was pretty experimental step aside from his pop-trend) has revealed to Aftonbladet what he's currently about musically.
Around year ago Måns' have written half of album in Swedish and was pretty satisfied with the result before he has heard albums of Daniel Adams-Ray and Oskar Linnros which sounded so complete for him that he has decided that he'll need either loads of time to rework his own texts or to move in completely different direction.
Currently Måns is back to his album project and as he revealed he doesn't want to sound like he did before, it will be either songs in Swedish or more pop-rock sounding material but the main idea is that Måns is going to sound different and to get more honest in his music.
Singer doesn't plan to come back to Melodifestivalen next year and Aftonbladet admits a chance he'll get back to Allsång på Skansen next year though it will be clear only this winter when contracts are gonna be signed.

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