Monday, September 26, 2011

Schlager-excitement - 2012

Every year since September we get a lot of schlager-rumors getting wild flowing around and collecting the most pop-actual artists into speculations lists of Aftonbladet and Expressen. As you understand loads of these rumours never happen but at the same time we get a solid bunch of artists which are later officially confirmed so at least half of final list is already expected.
We didn't get speculations season started quite long this year though (except previously discussed Nina Söderquist, Lili & Susie, Timoteij and H.e.a.t. with Erik Grönwall) but today Aftonbladet has revealed utterly exciting list of artists willing to participate in Melodifestivalen-2012.
- Charlotte Perrelli is eager to come back to the contest working this year with her previous Melodifestivalen-winning entry "Hero" songwriter Fredrik Kempe.
- Helena Paparizou who was haunted by Christer Björkman many years has finally sent few songs.
- E.M.D.'s Erik Segerstedt and Mattias Andréasson have sent solo-songs, it's not clear if Danny wants though. Seems like he didn't send any songs himself but doesn't mind to participate if he'll be invited by SVT.
- Rebound's Eddie Razaz and Rabih Jaber are also eager to participate solo and both have sent songs.
- Magnus Carlsson who sent entries recent years without any luck was working this time with new songwriter supposedly on Melodifestivalen-stuff.
- Another Alcazar-member Lina Hedlund was looking for songs to partiipate in Melodifestivalen with while band is on a hold since this summer.
- Martin Rolinski who was ready to partiipate in MF-2011 has refused when Christer Björkman wished him to change the song, it has opened a spot for Anders Fernette, now Martin is ready for comeback.
- Few songwriters have written songs for Ace Of Base's Jenny Berggren this year.
- Molly Sandén is looking for the right song to make comeback.
- September's participance is quite possible but depends on if her new material will succeed in USA as it's more important goal for her to work on.
You can check articles here and here.

8 коммент.:

Anonymous said...

Why would Christer want Helena Paparizou in MF?She is just sooo an average singer.Sweden has thousands of singers better than Helena:).And one more thing- I would love to see Charlotte back:D

Damian said...

I wouldn't agree Helena is average singer but however she has a name of Eurovision winner - already nice reason to chase her.

Anonymous said...

I would say she is average!And since foreigns are allowed in MF?
Anyway if she wins MF she will win this twice.And YES she is poor vocally:)

Anonymous said...

*she will NOT

Damian said...

Foreign artists were allowed all the last years but as Helena was grown in Sweden, speaks Swedish and has apartment in Sweden I think she has Swedish citizenship.

Anonymous said... girl.Still she didn't learn to sing as swedes do;)))

Alexander Johansson said...

What are y'all talking about? Elena Paparizou is Swedish and therefore very entitled to participate in Melodifestivalen.

Foreign artists are too however.

Spiros said...

hey "Anonymous" Helena loves Sweden! I'm from Greece and in all her interviews she always talking about her life, her friends and family in Sweden and her love for this country where she born and raised.In all her albums she collaborate always with swedish songwriters.Her parents and family are still living in Gothenburg.This summer was all the time there!Also she said that she wanna do something for Sweden about Eurovision she is not sure if she is going to participate again as a performer but as a composer for sure.Good luck Sverige this year! kram :) greetings from Grekland!