Monday, September 19, 2011

MaryJet - Forever

Gorgeous Mariette Hansson from Idol-2009 is back after a short break with abslutely adorable single "Forever".
Appearing at Idol selection Mariette has become one of early favorites, strong rock-chick attitude and pretty special vocal manner and body language has made her participance undoubtedly one of the most remarkable ones. Right after Idol Mariette was promoting her 2008 album - quite pleasant calm guitar-pop work and now she has prepared something fresh and really interesting.
"Forever" is written with Torbjörn Månsson and produced by The Concept's Povel Olsson, Christian Falk and Ollie Olsson (both of them worked before with artists like Robyn and Pauline). Track feels like compromise between MayJet's American radio-friendly pop-rock stuff and that sort of The Concept's mild indie you can mostly find in Sweden, warm, melodic and light track with lovely production.
Hope it's not the last track MaryJet cooperates with this great team on.

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