Monday, September 5, 2011

Full Of Keys - Desolate / Suicide Bridge

Remember about debut-single "All The Roses" of new amazing electronic project Full Of Keys I told you about earlier this summer?
Anni Bernhard hiding behind the name of Full Of Keys has prepared another one and this time it's a double A-side single "Desolate/Suicide Bridge" coming in a pack with one long video for both tracks.
"Desolate" is quite lighter than "All The Roses", we would compare it with Conjure One/Delirium going acoustic, still it's deep, melancholic but hopefull and the video turns it more positive if we'll remember some scary moments of previous video. "Suicide Bridge" on the other hand is pretty depressive piano-based ballad, beautiful and emotional though. We don't have idea if we'll get Full Of Keys album in a close future but the project is utterly awesome! You should work hard if you're newcomer in electronic music but that's what team obviously does, they just need a bit of luck to make a big breakthrough and hope they'll make it as soon as possible.

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