Sunday, July 10, 2011

Danny + Freja - If Only You (bonuses)

New alliance of Danny & Freja keeps on preparing ground for music breakthrough in UK with once again reborn hit "If Only You" from Danny's debut album.
Single will be released on July 22nd and will include Vegas Baby!, Silcox & Eyes and Club Junkies mixes, you can already check samples here. Recently Silcox & Eyes Dubstep Remix was presented in web together with 7th Heaven mix and new acoustic version of track presented.
We use to fall for this sort of acoustic versions so we absolutely couldn't miss it, all mixes are undoubtfully worth attention so hope you'll enjoy all the stuff.

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Paul said...

my only worry with this is that Danny will be seen as a "dance" act in the UK which pigeon holes him a bit when he has lots of great pop stuff going on too...