Friday, July 1, 2011

Miss Inga - Don't Try to Steal My Limelight (feat. Dominika Peczynski & La Camilla)

Army Of Lovers is back! Not all of its members and not under their name but damn! La Camilla and Dominika releasing new stuff together - do we even need details to get more excited? However I'll tell you!
Martin Johansson as drag act Miss Inga releases new single "Don't Try To Steal My Limelight" and recruits Army-girls to help on vocals. Single is already out on iTunes, having success and pretending for more as Rix FM seems to be interested and video of the song is gonna be released on Aftonbladet very soon.
Talking about the song. I think it's the best disco-schlager performed by drag artist since After Dark has stepped on the Melodifestivalen-stage with "La Dolce Vita" in 2004. First of all it's absolutely shamelessly schlageristic all the way - it's simple, catchy, cheesy but it sounds exactly like drag-schlager has to sound in 2011, it doesn't pretend to become international hit but it's quite modern and completely ecstatic to blow schlager-world with ease. We really hope Dominika and La Camilla will be quite inspired by this work not to stop working with Miss Inga on a new music.
You can find loads of photos from video shooting on

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