Sunday, July 3, 2011

Glorious Inc - Dance or Die

You say fresh Swedish dance-act and we fly like hawks after prey!
Glorious Inc is the name that you probably hear for the first time but the story of the project has started already few years ago. Veronika Färestål and Tommy Söderman conquered Swedish pop-stage participating in all sorts of local contests before and now they've got their big breakthrough single "Dance or Die".
"Dance Or Die" is that sort of pop-songs Same Difference use to easily drive pop-community crazy but it's rather colder and clubby than disco-joyful if we'll compare sound of these projects. Track starts with finger-clicking In The Club-ish slow intro getting dreamy and on the other hand straight-out and really tough in heavy-beat chorus. We love everything about this song - from title to utterly tasty production and how voices of Tommy and Veronika work together.
Glorious Inc recently performed "Dance or Die" live in Stockholm Vitabergsparken and due to that performance guys really can sing and dance so with such a promising debut we expect to hear more from them in future.

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