Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sommarkrysset: Shirley Clamp, Takida, Christer Sjögren

What are you gonna do if you're 61 years old schlager-veteran and you're invited to the show where Eric Saade and Jedward use to perform? Well, you can try to sing Lady Gaga to keep it trendy and funny.
What if your angels have left you but you're gorgeous pop-diva with old Melodifestivalen hit still beloved by folk? Just do what you have to do, babe, and don't forget to make it all a bit more creative with, for example, Håkan Hellström's cover!
What if you're Takida and you've got to one stage with Christer Sjögren and Shirley Clamp? You're in trouble guys. It's Sommarkrysset. Probably the weirdest ever.


Christer Sjögren - Bad romance
Shirley Clamp - Min kärlek
Takida - Haven stay
Shirley Clamp - Kom igen Lena!

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