Saturday, July 16, 2011

September - Party In My Head

It feels like September's comeback in the end of last year has gone not quite like it was planned but not bad at all.
Petra Marklund's first fresh single "Resuscitate Me" was released simultaneously with her incredible explosion "Mikrofonkåt" in Sweden. It has built strong Swedish hit-base with "Kärlekens tunga" and post-Så Mycket Bättre‏ duo with Petter "Baksmälla".
Now September's back to presentation of her original English "Love CPR"'s material and next single to be released is "Party In My Head" co-written (just like "Resuscitate Me") by Wayne Hector, Cutfather and Lucas Secon with Daniel Davidsen and Peter Wallevik.
Initially last September's album was all about Patric Sarin + Jaakko Salovaara produced "Heat Rising" and "My Emergency" for me - absolutely mindblowing powerful dance-tracks that I still do hope will be released as the next singles.
"Party In My Head" is not that sort of songs striking you directly, it's modern disco-track softly charming with special mix of lyrics, Petra's attitude and gentle electonic sound. It's purring, it's light and it's finally winning you over.
Below you can check samples of coming mixes pack (from here) and they sound more than promising!
Currently September's on tour across Sweden and if you miss September live below you can check lovely set shot in Borås, thanx for the tip to our lovely friend Nata.

Cry for You
La La La (Never Give It Up)
Vem ska jag tro på
Hands Up
Looking for Love
Can't Get Over
Resuscitate Me
Party in My Head

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