Sunday, July 17, 2011

Qpid - Under The Radar

Some releases are just too good and too Swedish-related to keep them away from our blog and if it's not some new Max Martin penned Britney's single that you can read about anywhere but still utterly pop-delicious, here we are!
American artist Jeff Marino a.k.a. Qpid, ex-half of duo QWAN, starts solo-career and make a wise step coming to Sweden to work with local songwriters on his new stuff.
His first single "Under the Radar" is written by not less than Tony Nilsson, Darin and Teddy Sky (RedOne's collaborator on latest JLo's album) and produced in RedOne’s Cosmos Studios by Tony. You can't directly recognize any of these people if I'd ask you but it's a stunning dance track with clearly felt Swedish influences.
Can we expect something like this from Darin's comeback? I really hope so!

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Everton said...

I really hope that Darin comeback with good pop music! Can't wait!
Great video and song! =)
Greetings from Brazil!