Monday, July 4, 2011

Simon Hassle - In Your Song

One of our latest discoveries Simon Hassle is coming back with the second single "In Your Song" and we fall for this talented guy's new track again!
Earlier this year Simon presented Linkin Park-smelling pop-rock single "Now Is Here", release that was pretty different from everything we got in Swedish music lately and otherwise made with a top-quality and obviously great music taste.
Simon's single stylistically changes direction but sounds not less adorable especially for all fans of The Pusher's mix of summerish arena-rock atmosphere and poppy melodies. We also get a nice bonus - another new track "Turn Around" going in the same direction. If you're not convinced yet, I should also mention Kent's "En plats i solen", Erik Hassle's "Taken EP" and The Ark associations when I listen to "In Your Song". Delicious combination, don't you think?
As we don't have video for the song yet here you can check process of single's cover shooting.

In your song by Simon Hassle

Turn around by Simon Hassle

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