Friday, July 1, 2011

Violet - One Man Show

Producing team Trinity (that I recently mentioned talking about Dessie's single "Whatcha Got") starts its own project Violet with two of Trinity's parts being official members of this new band.
Vocalist of Violet - young Lina Hansson previously participated in some talents contest in Sweden so audience already had a chance to see Lina on TV as lovely girl with guitar, special voice and definite talent to write worthy pop-tunes. Violet turns to be a pop-rock project with a strong pop-ground and fantastic melodies that you can check here.
First track presented earlier this year in Metro On Stage contest was "One Man Show" - fantastic adrenaline-overdose song hitting you from the first beat and getting completely wild in a chorus, it goes a bit Avril's "Runaway" adorable formula and probably the most right choise to start from.

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Anonymous said...

"Your Ego" is a really good song. was it released officially?