Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ulrik Munther - Sticks And Stones

Guess the name of the youngest Swedish pop-artist we mention the most here on our blog?
No, Amy Diamond, it's not you, come back with new album and Swedish Stereo will give you a big warm hug but now I'm gonna tell you about new piece of Ulrik Munther's music who just doesn't stop to give us reasons to write about.
Today Ulrik will perform at Allsång på Skansen but fans get two more presents. First one is release date of Ulrik's debut album - August 24 and you can also check album's cover above.
Second lovely present is a brand new song "Sticks And Stones" - another heavily acoustic based song but comparing with previous ballad stuff much more energetic and lively, first thing I adore about it is slight "Like I Love You" guitar touch and awesome (forgive old and hopeless melofan for this word, Ulrik) schlageristic chorus. In the best sense of this word!

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