Friday, July 22, 2011

Martin Rolinski - Blame It On A Decent Matter

Back in April we told you exciting news about BWO's ex-vocalist Martin Rolinski's comeback. It feels like it was yesterday but autumn is soon and like it was promised new Martin's track "Blame It On A Decent Matter" is ready to mark new solo-era of Martin's music career and it's presented today!
And guess what? Martin is signed to Alexander Bard's label SoFo Records and due to snippet of "Blame It On A Decent Matter" he's not going to change his music direction as the song sounds really BWOesque, it's electronic, it's poppy and only listening to this snippet we've realized that actually we're missing BWO (though last years of project's existance we were supporters of their break and developing members' own careers).
Next week Martin is gonna be one of Lotta på Liseberg's guests so we expect him to perform new song live and we can't wait to see new image of Martin (hope it'll be somewhat new though if you're hardcore BWO's fan you probably hope it won't).

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