Saturday, July 30, 2011

Andreas Wistrand - Over Now

Ex-Highlights vocalist Andreas Wistrand is going solo. His story in the band has started right after Andreas' participation in Fame Factory back in 2004, they've founded it with successful Melodifestivalen-songwriter Henrik Sethsson ("Something in your eyes", "Lyssna till ditt hjärta", "Vindarna vänder oss", "Innan natten är over") and finally last year Andreas has got a chance to enter the contest supporting webjokers MiSt lifting the song up to a new level but still it wasn't enough to qualify to the final.
This winter Andreas and Highlights has gone different roads and here we have new Andreas' solo-single "Over Now" showing his new music image.
"Over Now" is a beautiful ballad with classic piano-based verses going modernized "Last Christmas" meeting "Anyone Of Us" in the chorus, warm and lovely track presenting charming Andreas voice very well.

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