Sunday, July 29, 2012

Swedish TV-summer. From Liseberg to Skansen.

I've lost a path of latest few weeks of Allsång på Skansen and Lotta På Liseberg shows so I've decided to summarize them in one post if you've missed.
Andreas Weise has presented his solo-stuff on both shows - "Another Saturday Night" and his own song "Shine".
Really was nice to see Christer Björkman doing "I morgon är en annan dag" that he was singing back in 1992 at Eurovision in Malmö. Hopefully next year's Melodifestivalen winner will be much more lucky than Christer was.
Icona Pop definitely was on fire and after their Allsång performance were praised by iTunes #1.
Tomas Ledin had a tribute at Allsång and not just Sarah Dawn Finer has come out on stage with him but David Lindgren, Niklas Strömstedt, E-Type and Måns have joined to sing Tomas' Melodifestivalen history here at 47.16. Later you can also watch Tomas singing with Eva Dahlgren.
Sonja Alden has come back on TV to perform lovely summer schlager "Våga" from her latest album in Liseberg, Björn Ranelid has brought sweet Sara Li to Skansen and Caroline af Ugglas doesn't miss summer TV-season since her Melodifestivalen breakthrough.


Hagsätra Sport - Hagsätra IP
Andreas Weise - Another Saturday Night
Christer Björkman - I morgon är en annan dag
Fibes, Oh Fibes! - Goodbye To Love
Tomas Ledin - Lika hopplöst förälskad
Tomas Ledin - Sensuella Isabella
Tomas Ledin - Hitmedley
Tomas Ledin - I natt är jag din
Tomas Ledin och Timbuktu - En del av mitt hjärta
Markus Krunegård - Askan är den bästa jorden
Miss Li - It It Ain't Over
Miss Li - My Heart Goes Boom
Herreys - Hitmedley
The Original Band - Mamma Mia
The Original Band - Dancing Queen
Ann-Louise Hanson - Satellit
Herreys - Diggi-Loo-Diggi-Ley
Markus Krunegård - Sthlm Skyline
The Original Band - Voulez Vous
Tooji - Stay
Tooji - If it wasn't for you
Elisabeth Andreassen - Kärleken och livet
Elisabeth Andreassen - La de swinge
Elisabeth Andreassen - Rör vid min själ
Kikki Danielsson - Bra vibrationer
Sonja Aldén - Våga
Sonja Aldén - Närmre
Andreas Weise - Shine
Andreas Weise - Another saturday night
Caroline af Ugglas - Mitt mentala gevär
Caroline af Ugglas - När orden tagit slut

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