Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ulrich Bermsjö - After Hours

Wondering where has the glorious pop-project Nouveau Riche consisting of Ulrich Bermsjö and Dominika Peczynski later replaced by Camilla Brinck disappeared?
Well, Dominika is involved in a trio with La Camilla and Miss Inga, Camilla works on her solo-stuff but what about male part of the band?
Few weeks ago Ulrich has released a solo-album "Those Who Suffer Love" that he was working on with some big names. For example Kent's guitarist Sami Sirviö has produced three songs from the album and among them "After Hours" - soft electronic track with a slight old-school synthpop references. Another well-known name taking part in the project is Titiyo who has provided vocals for a beautiful ballad duo "Tarantula". Ballads get a pretty big space of this electropop-album and probably their melancholic dark sound suits Ulrich's voice even better but anyway here we have the first single representing the album - "After Hours".

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