Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Molly Sandén - Unchained / Mirage

New Molly Sandén's new double single has arrived, two tracks "Unchained" and "Mirage" from her latest album were chosen to give her album a further promotion.
"Unchained" was pretty logical choice from the very beginning, soft pop-track dancing with tears in a Robyn's drama way, not too clubby and not too tragical. "Mirage" brings out our ballad-Molly back growing slow while you expect it to turn into a schlagertastic dance but it doesn't happen. Instead it's marching till the end very beautifully and emotionally. And again it's very dramatical like the most of Molly's stuff but we love drama and we love Molly!

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Polish interpreter said...

I love her songs!!!