Sunday, July 15, 2012

Erik Emanon - The Art Of Letting Go

Finally Erik Emanon's EP "The Art Of Letting Go" is out and we directly add Erik to a (very short for now) list of the most innovative pop-artists of 2012 from Sweden.
Surely you haven't missed his debut "Breaking Love" and have noticed the track "Finding Neverland" I was talking about last week. EP has also included intro and two more tracks - "Nangijala" and "When Roses Wither" making a better picture of Erik's music concept. I'd call his direction as a disco-dubstep with a good pop-feeling and "Nangijala" not overloaded with electronics (what you can easily expect from this genre) and delivering a great tune is probably the best example of summarizing what "The Art Of Letting Go" is.
If you're pop-fan who hasn't managed to get on board of a new dubstep-era yet you absolutely should check this EP and realize how nice this new period can be.

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