Saturday, July 14, 2012

Victoriadagen - 2012

Birthday concert of princess Victoria has gathered a stunning line-up this year consisting mostly of young artists - Loreen, Danny, Agnes and Ulrik Munther.
Danny and Loreen performed both of their Melodifestivalen songs.
Loreen has made an alternative live-version of "My Heart Is Refusing Me" with drums (she uses them quite often lately) and "Euphoria" in a style of her performance at Allsång På Skansen.
Danny was making "In The Club" in a live-band version and has prepared a ballad-verion of "Amazing" with violins and unexpected gospel-choir that he has released this Spring on EP with mixes.
Ulrik sang "Soldiers" with "Sticks and Stones" still not needing a lot of hapenning around to make the performance very alive and to give a lot on the stage.
Agnes performed "One Last Time" and "Release Me", today she had...hmmm...pretty experimental eye makeup and the first long dress (the second disco-dress was ok) but was wonderful vocally, she has definitely got artistical level-up lately.
You can watch the whole concert here and separate performances of Loreen below. If we'll get some other clips on youtube or SVTPlay soon, I'll add them too.

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Anonymous said...

Please post DANNY SAUCEDO's performances on youtube as well from that event! He was the very best! This is just ridiculous that he isn't there!