Thursday, July 12, 2012

Effie - Sorry Sack of Ooh, Ooh

Sofia Olsson has become a runner-up of True Talent, TV-show that I was already told you about mostly in connection with our big discovery Emma Fällman who has released a single "Call Him Dick".
Effie was our second favorite also coached by Danny and her "Grenade" cover has definitely won a lot of hearts.
Earlier this year Sofia has started solo-career as Effie with a single "Killing Me" - modern r'n'b ballad, direction that she changes completely with a second one - "Sorry Sack of Ooh, Ooh".
Like in a case with Emma's track it's another retro jazz-party single though this song is diving really deep and uncompromisingly into a swing atmosphere of 30s. With Emma's unusual vibrating manner it creates something really special. Wondering if she's going to explore this field more?

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