Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Axento - Lego

Fresh club project Axento was signed by one of our favorite labels Catchy Tunes having a big catalogue of Swedish pop-tastic releases from Elin Lanto, Lucky Twice, Marie Serneholt, September.
Axento is a duo of DJs Joakim Daif and Fredrik Lindlom who previously were working with Agnes, September and other artists. Also guys have already made a nice remix of Byz's track "Tjena tjena tjena", I'm not keen on original (even though I love Idol Robin Bengtsson) but the mix is quite lovable.
Debut Axento's single is "Lego", quite Avicii-sounding track. I'd say it would be my Top-3 of Avicii's singles if he'd release it. Comparing to Avicii's tracks on the one side milder on the other side more concentrated and directly entertaining for pop-audience but anyway it has a great production and truly infectious melody of Avicii-level.

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