Thursday, July 12, 2012

Johan Reinhold - Shoot Me Down

While Vincent and Erik Hassle are looking for alternative ways of developing their sound and pushing away from a pop-direction they've started with we eagerly need some new artists who can bring some fresh and untrivial indie-pop breath in Swedish music.
Johan Reinhold is not a newcomer in a music-industry, he was working with different projects quite long and even has got into nominees list of Grammis-2009.
Last year he has offered a new track "Shoot Me Down" as a free download on his site which resulted in a great interest and rising fans-audience. Now he's signed by Warner and the song that helped him to break through hopefully shouldn't be wasted.
"Shoot Me Down" is utterly dramatic and beautiful piece of indie-pop moving with Johan's almost raggae-manner vocals to epic verses in a slow motion. It sounds like Erik Hassle's "Hurtful" 20 years older but still not less beautiful and having as direct hit-feeling as "Hurtful" had.
Don't miss a pack of "Shoot Me Down" mixes on Johan's soundcloud page.

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