Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Allsång på Skansen: Loreen, Charlotte Perrelli, Kalle Moraeus, Norlie & KKV

When you start thinking Loreen can't surprise you with a new performance of "Euphoria" she enters the stage and shocks with her energy and THE VOICE! This time she has also made an absolutely epic performance with drums explored by her in a mini-tour she makes in Sweden right now.
We've already got Diggiloo-gang with Charlotte Perrelli, Jessica Andersson, Markoolio, Magnus Carlsson and The Moniker. Kalle Moraeus was making his "Underbart" and playing with Alexander Rybak.
Norlie & KKV were a nice live-discovery for me and Lasse Stefanz, well, not the stuff I usually writes about.

Kalle Moraeus, Linda Lampenius och Alexander Rybak - Fiolmedley
Makoolio - En kväll i juni
Lasse Stefanz - Hitmedley

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