Monday, July 9, 2012

Charlotte Perrelli and Youngblood in Liseberg

Lotta has no luck with weather this year, viewers again had to sit in raincoats so the artists had to bring the heat with their performances.
Today it was all about musicals. Lotta has arranged a mini-musical with participation of all artists. And except always fabulous Charlotte Perrelli and Youngblood singing songs from their latest albums we had a nice portion of ABBA with Göteborg's Opera singing Chess and Lotta making "Dancing Queen" karaoke.


All Stars musical
Charlotte Perrelli, Lotta Engberg, Youngblood, GöteborgsOperan - Musikalmedley
Yougblood - Du är så underbart rar
GöteborgsOperan - Vem ser ett barn, Mitt hjärtats land
Lotta Engberg - Dancing queen

2 коммент.:

embry said...

Damian, who will host eurovision 2013?

Damian said...

SVT wants TV-person, singer and comic. Currently loads of speculations about Sarah Dawn Finer, Mans and Charlotte Perrelli but no one actually has an idea how realistic is anyone of them. Rumours, rumours...