Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Belle - Sisters Anthem

Stockholm Pride week has started and the list of guests is more than impressive. Loads of Melodifectivalen participants, some foreign ESC-artists and fresh Swedish names. What I do like the most about this year is that line-up is much younger, schlager-veterans are good but not in that quantity we had last year. So if you'll be able to visit Stockholm these days - do it, if you won't - check for performances on youtube and catch some other goodies released to be presented live during festival.
Team of Thomas Karlsson and Adam Robinson which has got a big premiere with Ms Trez at last year's Pride are back to deliver another Pride's (unofficial but still) anthem with a new collaborator and a new artist - Belle.
Linda Sonnvik that you should know by Dilba's recent hit "Try Again" has joined Thomas and Adam to write a new track "Sisters Anthem". Producer Mike Moorish and photograper Jenny Eklund have completed the pack.
"Sisters Anthem" correspondingly to its title explodes with a dance-pop anthemic sound and clubby production, not too clubby to break away from its pop-concept but quite enough to warm up live-presentation of the song and become a hot dancefloor filler this week at Pride.
Don't forget to check previous Belle's singles "Sound of summer" and "Spellbound".

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