Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lilla Sällskapet - Jag Vill Ut

Around year I was defining my reaction to a special electronic stuff from Lilla Sällskapet with a series of hmm...well...untrivial videos but pretty catchy tunes instantly sticking even if you're not into this genre. But come on! It's still very pop so here is a new single "Jag Vill Ut" from guys' debut album "Om Vingarna Bär" - another soft electronic party track (ok, not directly party in mainstream pop terms) with massively infectious chorus which has got a video premiered today and John Dahlback's remix that you can download for free with another mix from Turn here.
And don't forget to check Lilla Sällskapet's previous videos - "Genova", "Morgonen Efter" and "Om Vingarna Bär".

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