Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ms Trez - Louder

Sweden has got a fresh girlband Ms Trez and as girlbands singing modern dance music and having such a fabulous attitude are pretty rare in Sweden you shouldn't miss them, another reason for this mentioning is girls' new single "Louder" which is pretty confident and catchy track bringing trio on the way to achieving Swedish The Saturdays status.
Ms Trez were formed of girls professionally backing some big local stars in the past and this year they've finally got a huge premiere performing their track "Y.E.A.H." at Stockholm Pride (you can watch performance here). And while band works on promotion of their stuff in US we've got band's awesome single "Louder" presented online and already released digitally.
"Louder" is seductive electro-track starting in dynamic heartbeat on the run tempo exploding with a huge dance-chorus containg epic drums section and trendy Kesha-smelling repetitive "lo-o-ouder", girls have great and passionate vocals and it should bring them far if they'll keep working as hard. Song is provided by international team - Swedish songwriter and producer Thomas Karlsson, British songwriter Adam Robinson and we expect guys to come up with some new cool pop-stuff soon.

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