Friday, July 13, 2012

Ace Wilder - Voodoo Amore

How long didn't we get a new explosive eurodance-anthems in French? Kate Ryan leaves French area so we need someone to fill this space and we've got a great candidate!
Ace Wilder was born in Sweden but raised up in Florida working as a child model, show jazz dance but also developing songwriting skills. When Ace has come back to Sweden in 17, she has started her own band PMD still working at the same time as a songwriter for other artists.
Now she releases her solo-single "Voodoo Amore" connecting tenderness of French lyrics with a really massive stomping choruses into a real dance-monster that Kate Ryan undoubtedly wouldn't mind to get but it's performed by Ace, it sounds ace and we're officially excited about this artist.

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Anonymous said...

Nice song... Haven't much about it after its release... She has just released a new song... What is your take on it... Is it a radio hit or just another in betweener?