Sunday, November 27, 2011

Swedish stars in charity calendars for 2012

Taking part in shooting for charity calendars has become an amazing tradition among Swedish musicians.
Last year I told you about Caroline Roosmark's calendar. If you haven't heard about it - it's made for charity collecting some biggest Swedish celebritites who participate for free. This year all income will be aimed to help children living in families with the only one parent and low budget. We've got not so many pop-artists - it was only Sanna Nielsen, Ulrik Munther and Marie Fredriksson this year but their images have become as impressive as we use to see in Caroline's works. You can check calendar and order it here.
Alsoe you can find another great calendar with loads of well-known faces of pop-music (Eric Saade, Danny, Loreen, Sara Varga, The Moniker, Nicke Borg, Martin Rolinski, Adam Tensta, Lisa Miskovsky) helping two organizations - Friends (against bullying in schools) and Naturskyddsföreningen (ecology organisation) here. And don't miss some videos of making it.

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