Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sebastian - Sunday Morning

Sebastian Karlsson who was already giving some fresh sneak peeks of his upcoming new stuff this summer in Nyhetsmorgon has finally released brand new single "Sunday Morning".
Epic drums, heavy synth-sound and dramatic melody, new track has turned to be quite far from Sebastian's earlier presented Melodifestivalen-entry "No One Else Сould" and even further from all that pop-rock stuff he did before so it seems we've got a fresh trend of Swedish pop-artists wishing to radically change their direction trying dark electropop-sound with a slight taste of Robyn "Body Talk" period. You can also check very nice acoustic version of the song below.

2 коммент.:

Broken said...

Pleasant song

Liisi said...

I have been looking forward to Sebastian's new music since Melodifestivalen and I really like this song.