Thursday, November 24, 2011

John de Sohn feat. Andreas Moe - Long Time

Andreas Moe has made a big breakthrough in collaboration with Avicii this year after he has received request to make a vocal line for the track which has turned to a big international club-hit "Fade Into Darkness" afterwards.
Right now Andreas works a lot as songwriter (being signed in UK) among others with Maria Marcus and Niclas Lundin and plans his solo EP.
In a recent interview to Being Blogged Andreas has told that he had a lot of new house-collaborations offers and here we have a new club-track featuring his vocal.
"Long Time" is upcoming single of Swedish DJ John de Sohn who's gonna release it in December and talking about the track - it really goes in a vein of "Fade Into Darkness" getting a bit more laidback, dreamy tune moving to an exploding chorus through a clapping pre-chorus part feels quite trendy and hit-smelling.

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