Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Peter Jöback - Släpp in mig

If you were following series of short videos presented before release of the new Peter Jöback's album "Livet, Kärleken och Döden – La Vie, L’Amour, La Mort" you've probably noticed one short video for the album's track "Släpp in mig", now it's out in full length.
Video looks as musical as this track sounds and it's a simple dance video featuring some really interesting artists you should know if you follow us - fantastic Shirley's angel Vera Prada, Man Meadow's Fredrik Olofsson and the guy behind Melodifestivalen performances since the last season - Rennie Mirro.
Peter begging Vera for a slap sounds pretty nasty... Sorry, I know it doesn't mean it in Swedish!

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Anonymous said...

The actual lyrics in the chorus are far more nasty... "Let me in! Let me come again!"