Monday, November 21, 2011

Vanbot - Make Me Break Me (video)

Vanbot has become one of the most interesting electropop acts debuted this year in Swedish music. Earlier in March we told you about her first single "Make Me Break Me" that has immediately turn heads of international blogging pop-community to her eponymous album that hasn't taken too long but by some weird ocassions we've missed that awesome possibillity to stream it on soundcloud (that you can do right now below). Obviously we shoud compare this release with some stuff of Robyn and Tove Styrke like the most outstanding Swedish female electropop-artists lately but we can't. Vanbot stands apart from this ladies with her beautiful melodics and mesmerizing atmosphere but it's really qualitative stuff you need to check if you love those two like we do.
Today Vanbot has presented debut video for "Make Me Break Me" but we don't complain it has happened only now. Video has turned pretty creative and beautiful and was definitely worth waiting.

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