Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Molly Sandén's single "Spread A Little Light" is out!

Finally Molly Sandén's new single "Spread A Little Light" co-written with Aleena Gibson and Fredrik Thomander is released on iTunes and it's definitely the best thing I've heard from Molly since "Det Finaste Någon Kan Få"!
Comparing with live-version track in studio has become less rocky but not less strong, one of the great things about Molly is that live she can sound even better than on a record though I can't define what's better in this case.
"Spread A Little Light" bases on some classic power-ballads templates you could hear in X Factor final but it's pretty modern in Leona Lewis+Ryan Tedder way. It's the first Molly's single released on EMI and seems like the artist is waving goodbye to her schlageristic past. Next Monday we expect official announcement of Molly's participation in Melodifestivalen-2012 with the song "Why Am I Crying" and as it just like "Spread A Little Light" is written with Aleena Gibson it's all getting incredibly exciting for us!

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic song and amazing singer !

Hallandale Beach Blog said...

Dear Damian:

Greetings from one of your daily readers in South Florida -again.
I agree 100% with your comments about Molly and her new song and the new direction she seems to be taking. Good news for a change!

Like many fans of Molly's, esp. those of us outside of Sweden, I've been somewhat exasperated for a bit with her former record company -Warner Music- as they didn't seem diligent and pay attention to the details -like you do. For instance, more frequently updating their info on her activities on their website at the time under http://www.warnermusic.se/artister/
They didn't even list her age correctly for quite some time and that artist page of hers was often BLANK. I even took some screen grabs of it like that last year.
I know that if it was me, and my record company did that, I'd find that sort of lackluster effort VERY discouraging!

Since last summer, I've had some serious doubts about whether or not Warner was the company that would really promote and encourage Molly the right way, and give her enough access to well-written songs, since while nobody can argue with her self-evident talent, even with that talent, she needs coordination.
I hope that EMI will carefully nurture this treasure chest of a talent.

I know that I continue to appreciate the efforts you make to act as our eyes and ears on the music scene in Europe and Scandinavia and all things Schlager, since you offer a nuanced look at some artists and musical styles that are NOT exactly getting tons of mentions in the U.S.

To outsiders, blogs often appear to be relatively simple things, but people without one can't fully appreciate the amount of time and often TEDIUM you go thru to put something interesting and original out there for people to read. The time it takes to double-check your edits, embed codes, etc. even after you've written your text.

By the way, just so you know, rather than subscribe to you via services like FeedBurner or another RSS, like other bloggers who write about subjects I'm interested in, I subscribe to you via the Blogger Reading List feature, below the Dashboard feature, so that I get your posts within a minute or so of you posting them, along with a thumb-nail photo of whatever the first photo you are using that day might be.
It's much faster!

Dave in Hallandale Beach, FL