Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Liseberg

For all who was missing Lotta Engberg's show in Liseberg TV4 has started traditional series of four Christmas shows JulLotta på Liseberg featuring among others Sanna Nielsen, Roger Pontare, Ulrik Munther, Magnus Carlsson, Elisas, Jill Johnson and Magnus Uggla this time.
First episode was guested by Sanna, Ulrik and Roger, you can watch whole show here and below you can check Sanna performing beautiful ballad "Just Like That" written by Henrik Wikström and Kristian Lagerström from her latest album which sounded especially magic and touching in the context of show's Christmas atmosphere. Ulrik was great as always and crowd's scream in the end was confirming that he's gonna be one of the biggest favorites of Melodifestivalen-2012. Maybe competing with Lotta if she'll also be confirmed on Monday.

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