Monday, November 7, 2011

She's my Marilyn Monroe...

I'm still as much in love with Never Alone's "Marilyn Monroe" as I was listening to them for the first time and I'm still sure they're not just the best in the the bunch of finalists, they're the only who can become real sensation of MF-2012 and first webjokers in the final of MF so I can't stay away and gonna spend my weekly nerves limit today and you should check them once again, Sweden, and give them a chance, they'll really need your support!!!
Guys have come up with some creative videos and you can check them below.
Seems like SVT has rejected the idea of live final planned from the beginning, songs of the finalists will be played by Lotta Bromé on P4 Extra 13.00-14.00 of local time, public will be able to vote during this time and the winner will be announced at 14.33.

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