Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rye Rye - Never Will Be Mine ft. Robyn

American rap-artist Rye Rye reworks old Robyn's hit "Be Mine" into new track "Never Will Be Mine" keeping chorus and replacing verses with rap.
Initially we were sort of sceptic to this release as obviously idea of changing part of this song to rap didn't look like a good idea for hardcore pop-fans like we are. However now we've got a video featuring Robyn and it makes us pay our attention to the song, it's not bad at all but we love original much more.

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Poster Girl said...

I know, logically, that it would probably be good for Robyn for "Never Will Be Mine" to do well--that she probably would like it to--but emotionally I really couldn't deal with the prospect of listening to this version on the radio here. That's partly because "Be Mine!" is SO much better (and if that was the only drawback I'd just bite my tongue and deal with it, knowing that a crossover hit might draw more people to the original), but mainly because I just don't think this works as a whole song nearly as well as the other recent chorus-sampling hits have. The rap is so...completely forgettable and hook-lacking and the backing is so generic that I just can't see it popping out to the average listener.

It's always nice to see Robyn in a video, though!

Damian said...

I clearly understand whole spectrum of your emotions, PG. After what Be Mine was for Swedish pop fans all these years this version feels... at least weird. But still let's think about positive side - Robyn extremely needs any possibility of promotion as it definitely doesn't go so easy for her ouside.