Monday, June 27, 2011

Adrian Lux feat. Rebecca & Fiona - Boy

One of the latest Swedish club-wonders Adrian Lux presents new single "Boy" featuring electronic duo Rebecca & Fiona and it's not the first collaboration between these artists.
Popularity of Rebecca & Fiona has started after girls involvement in SVT reality-project showing girls' way to establishment of their music career and since that they've released 3 singles which were noticed by audience more or less - soft electronic "Luminary Ones", hard clubby "Bullets" and the latest half-acoustic "If She Was Away".
We told you about Adrian Lux before so I think he doesn't need introduction, Adrian being boyfriend of Rebecca couldn't stay apart from girls' project and already helped them with previous releases by production and mixes but this time he invites Rebecca & Fiona to take part in his own new release "Boy" - dark club-track, probably the poppiest and the most accessible dance-track of both Adrian and R&F and sure we don't blame them as it sound amazing with all hypnotizing atmosphere of Adrian's works. You can check it along with mixes pack below.

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