Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rebound is gone, Eddie and Rabih are back!

Relatively young pop-project Rebound consisting of our beloved ex-Idols Eddie Razaz and Rabih Jaber we were following whole year has unexpectedly announced its official split-up. Sure we were completely shocked by this news after watching Rebound's performance in front of a crowd of screaming fans this March and we think lack of the interest absolutely couldn't be the reason of this decision.
However right after break-up Eddie and Rabih have started working on their solo-career. Eddie has revealed on his twitter that he's recording new songs with Moh Denebi (Loreen, Måns Zelmerlöw, Jessica Folcker), Pitchtunes (Hani, Mary N'Diaye), Christian Fast (Jeanette) and Henrik Nordenback (Di Leva, Anna Stadling) and Rabih is going to release his solo-single "Millionaire" in a few weeks with video already shot and more than promising small piece of the track already leaked. "Millionaire" is the result of his work with music producer Rabaan releasing his dance EP "One Of A Kind" on July 4th and vocal duty for one of the songs "Where Are You" was delivered by Rabih, you can check the piece of this lovely dance-track below and all the rest of samples on Raaban's soundcloud channel.

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Myfizzypop said...

i'm sad they've split, but i'm really looking forward to solo Eddie. He seems really promising and is a trip to follow on twitter!

Damian said...

I think Eddie's gonna become huge pop-explosion next or already this year, there are pretty major forces behind him and he has huge fanbase so all he needs is just a little bit of luck.