Saturday, December 4, 2010

Roxette are back with new single and new album!!!

Roxette are ready to come back and dates for new single and new album are already revealed!
First band's single since 2007 "She's Got Nothing on (But the Radio)" will be released on January 10th and the first studio album since 2001 "Charm School" will be out month later on February 11st so it's just few weeks before we'll get some completely new music from Roxette. Press-release was already unleashed and look what we can discover about new tracks from it.

"They do it with ”Charm School”, a new album with twelve songs in a style that’s best described as “updated classic Roxette”, from the initial power pop fireworks of ”Way Out” to the bittersweet closer ”Sitting On Top Of The World”.
The sensitive ballad “In My Own Way”, for example, is a rediscovered gem from 1984, when the dream of international recognition still was just a dream.
The newest song is the extremely infectious groove-master ”She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)”, written this autumn. In-between there’s everything that has made Roxette one of the world’s most radio played pop groups; the clinging melodies, the passionate delivery, the humorous pop sense and the unique mix of Marie Fredriksson’s and Per Gessle’s voices. All wrapped up in a musical package that is unmistakably 2011."

Check whole press-release here and below you can watch Roxette's performance from series of European concerts Night of the Proms held in 2009 when Roxette has taken part in this tour.

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