Monday, December 6, 2010

First Melodifestivalen-2011 reject: Topcats - Heartache

Every year a lot of Swedish pop music stuff is sent to Melodifestivalen and ends up rejected even being really worthy so sometimes artists who don't feel any huge hope to break through with rejected song next year publish it in Melodifestivalen-fever period and sometimes it works well getting loads of public attention. The latest and brightest example is rejected song "Victorious" written by Thomas G:Son and recorded by Linda Bengtzing that was rejected year before but was quite passionately promoted in "look what a great pop-anthem they rejected!!!" key by Linda who afterwards released it together with Velvet and made it a big hit.
Bert Karlsson keeps trying to make the same attempt this year with his protégé Topcats. The story of this band sounds in short so. This year Topcats initially sent the song "Heartache" written by Thomas G:son, Patrick Jonsson and Joakim Övrenius. This Spring songs of Thomas ("In A Moment Like This") and Patrik with Joakim ("Just like rain") being rejected on MF were both taken to Danish selection and first one won it but teaming up again with the song "Heartache" they were rejected again and Topcats got offer from SVT to record another song "The King" but were rejected with this song as well as SVT prefered The Playtones' version of this song and took them to MF. Furious Bert Karlsson threatened to publish the song but SVT answered that in this case it won't be songwriters' fault so they won't disualify the song.
Now Topcats reveal first their rejected entry - rockabilly track "Heartache" that you will like if you're into this genre (we're not so it's kinda difficult for us to regret about this loss).

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Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

This didn't do anything for me either, and I'm glad it didn't make it to MF. I guess it may appeal to fans of the Baseballs or the Playtones, but I can't see anyone else liking it.

Damian said...

Really hope The King was stronger. No, I realize that every genre has a right for existance and every has fans, I just completely don't understand what Bert Karlsson expected making such a big scandal out of this story. Is The King such a great song? Because currently rockabilly seems to me completely lacking potential on MF.