Saturday, December 11, 2010

Final episode of "Så mycket bättre"

First season of series Så mycket bättre is over and in the last episode artists were singing versions of their own songs in versions close to original in duets with another artists. Di Leva performed his hit "Vad är frihet" with Lasse Berghagen who also performed his entry on Melodifestivalen-1973 "Ding Dong". Di Leva appeared another time in duet with Plura singing old Eldkvarn's (Plura's band) song "Alice". Plura helped to Petter with the song "Gör min dag" (originally performed by Petter with Magnus Carlson). Lill-Babs and Christer Sandelin united singing Lill-Babs' "Jag vill leva". September appeared twice on the stage - with Petter making mix of her version of "Satellites" and version performed earlier by Petter. As well with Christer she has made Style's "Luften darrar". Another warm and adorable evening finishing one of the most successful tv-shows of the year and hope next year we'll get not worse team of artists bringing this lovely atmosphere and many nice covers.

Di Leva och Berghagen - Vad är frihet
Petter och Plura - Gör min dag
Plura och Di Leva - Alice
September feat. Petter - Sattelites
Lill-Babs och Sandelin - Jag vill leva
Berghagen - Ding Dong
Sandelin och September - Luften darrar

September enjoys first place of her hit-cover "Mikrofonkåt" third week in a row, that looks like incredible success being her first #1 in Sweden ever and the song has got English version "Me And My Microphone" and already tries to break through in UK. You can check stream from Record Of The Day site right below.

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Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

I love Mikrofonkåt, but I love Me and My Microphone too...I hope it's a hit over here in Britain!

Can't wait for the next series of's such a great format, with no winners, no voting, no evictions - just the love of music. Congratulations TV4 for such an original idea.

Damian said...

Talking honestly I think Mikrofonkåt is 100% Swedish product, I don't think it has future outside without background of Så mycket bättre but sure I'll be glad if it will breakthrough.

It will be one of the biggest tv-intrigues who'll participate next year! And doesn't matter who finally will - more or less exciting artists, it will be missed and successful again.