Monday, December 6, 2010

Concept Store - Damn!

It feels like Sweden has got the song that being released today will become a big hit already tomorrow.
New Stockholm band Concept Store releases debut single "Damn!" that already managed to enter iTunes chart and was premiered on Swedish radio. Concept Store is relatively new project and the only familiar name in team is Povel Olsson who was touring with Robyn as a drummer but however band was already working on their stuff some years and this premiere is just a first step in their promising future.
"Damn!" is amazing crossover between music of Christan Walz, Salem al Fakir, Dyno and Oskar Linnros, warm indie-pop music splattering out positive energy with a beautiful strings arrangement and sweet little tune. It sounds like a fresh reincarnation of that sort of music that's floating out from time to time in Swedish music, making its performer new sensation and bringing down loads of local awards and sales wins and hopefully it's that case so meet Concept Store with debut single "Damn!" right here right now.

4 коммент.:

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Damn! This is great!! Like all my favourite Swedish singers you mentioned, along with a little bit of Fibes, Oh Fibes! and Scissor Sisters as well.

Thanks for continuing to bring us some super Swedish music Damian :)

Damian said...

Thanks Laura, I'm trying, I'm trying :) I forgot to mention Scissor Sisters, comparison with them was rolling in my head, vocally and in common positive disco-mood, I knew you're gonna love them ;)

Anonymous said...

Awesome song....want to hear more....where's an album?

Damian said...

They haven't released yet but soon next single D-D-Dance will be out.